Colyn Ashton-Vickers

"The Magic Of Keyboard"

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Mornings or afternoons £70.00 first hour + £40.00 for each extra hour

Evenings (after 5pm) £80.00 first hour + £45.00 for each extra hour

Sundays £90.00 first hour + £50.00 for each extra hour

15 minutes break will be taken per hour which will not be included as part of the performance.

Please note: Rates may be negotiable for regular bookings.

All performances for registered charities are free of charge. Proof of charity registration required. Fuel expenses will be charged at 40p per mile.



A public performance license is not normally required for music played at domestic events, at religious services, in care homes, hospital wards and where music is used as medical therapy. It is inferred from this that all other uses, for instance in fund raising and other social events, are NOT exempt. If music is used in your premises, it is your responsibility to ensure that the correct licenses are in place so that you and/or any person working on your premises can perform copyright music in public lawfully.

Colyn Ashton-Vickers will not be responsible for the booking or any costs associated with any venue or booking unless specifically booked and signed for by Colyn Ashton-Vickers.

If music is played in your restaurant, boarding house, hotel or cafe you may need a license. It is the premises owner or business that any venue belongs to that may be legally liable for any unlicensed public performances of copyright music that takes place on their premises.

A license may also be required from the local authority in order to hold any public entertainments whether or not an admission charge is made. Certain events and venues may be exempt from the need for a license.

The performer is covered under the licensing fee paid by the venue owner each year to the Performing Rights Society. It is the music users responsibility to ensure that they have the correct licensing in place before employing a musician who may play copyright material. Colyn Ashton-Vickers waives all responsibility for any failures on the part of any venue, owner or organiser in their failure to meet licensing laws.

Colyn Ashton-Vickers recommends that, if in doubt, music users should obtain professional and business advice for details of the extent of their licensing responsibilities. Full details of current public performance licensing may be found at the Performing Rights Society's website